New Product: The Work Number

Feb 12, 2017

The Work Number® to deliver a 100% solution for all employment verification needs! CISCO Credit has integrated the technology for Verification of Employment/Income into the same platform used for accessing solutions for ease-of-use, efficiency and compliance.

Automated verification returns employment dates, employment status, position title and salary information instantaneously, empowering business decisions with trusted, third-party verified data, direct from the employer!

Quick – Instant verifications are delivered through the direct relationship CISCO Credit has with The Work Number®, the largest aggregator of payroll records in the United States with 240 million records from over 3,900 employers. The Work Number’s database includes up-to-the-pay-period data, removing any lag-time concerns. 

Safe – CISCO Credit ensures the information is released only for a permissible purpose as defined under FCRA and that the employee’s information is confidential & secured.

Fixed Cost – Performing internal verifications consumes inconsistent amounts of resources, resulting in variable costs, due to follow-up calls & paperwork going back-n-forth with non-reporting employers. If the requested record is not instantly available, CISCO Credit delivers a researched verification within a few business days in the same, auditable format as the automated response.

CISCO Credit provides a 100% solution to your Verification of Employment/Income needs from the small self-employed individual to employees of Fortune 500 companies, and CIS delivers an auditable, documented processthat supports regulatory guidelines. 

CISCO Credit is a certified reseller of The Work Number®