Sep 11, 2017

SmartPay is a consumer direct credit score/report ordering system. CISCO Credit can provide a unique URL which can be embedded in any image, line of text or email and is linked with a single users account. This link can be shared with potential customers via website, email , or just accessed anywhere with internet connection that accessing an LOS or the CISCO website is not possible.

Upon clicking the link, the user be it consumer or end user is sent to an electronic 1003 along with a borrowers authorization form. Either the consumer or end user is able to enter / fill out their own 1003 as well as provide authorization to have their credit pulled. Once the form is filled out the consumer can have their own credit report (Individual or Joint) pulled into the CISCO credit system.

Once credit is pulled the consumer can be provided a form to enter their credit card info and pay for the credit report to avoid any charges for the end users company. Once the credit report is pulled the consumer is provided a confirmation that the request has been complete along with a customizable message while the end user whos account is linked to the URL is automatically sent an email notifying them of the new credit report in the system along with the file #. This allows the end users to have consumers pull and pay for their own credit reports while giving the end users info on the reports as soon as the credit is pulled.

The info that is provided to the consumer upon successfully ordering their credit can be customizable where it provides a score disclosure, or just a simple message saying that they will be contacted be the agent at their earliest convenience.