Technology: CISCO offers the most advanced, versatile, and powerful web-based credit ordering environment available anywhere. A one-stop solution for all your mortgage credit needs.


  • CISCO offers the most advanced and reliable Internet environment available anywhere.
  • Interface with Fannie Mae DU/DO and Freddie Mac LP.
  • Upgrade and degrade credit Infiles. Degrade: remove a bureau or borrower from an existing infile.
  • Make requests online by just clicking on any tradeline. No more faxing. Various formats, print options, and customization.
  • Online credit card payment available. View invoices online.
  • Clients are able to manage their own accounts: passwords and access.
  • Hawk and Safe Scan Fraud Alert, per request.
  • We interface with the most popular Mortgage Software Applications.
  • Simplistic billing with various invoice options.  For more billing information, please visit our Samples Page.


Security Measures

  • Our system is Certified by ICSA* and will be audited by ICSA annually
  • Double Firewalls
  • 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption
  • Proprietary Web Page Encryption of Session ID
  • Session Timeout
  • Password Lockout after five failed login attempts
  • Password Expiration
  • Security Training

*ICSA is the world leader in internet security assurance. Its certification indicates that MeridianLink’s security controls, procedures, and policies stand up to the highest in security standards.


Backup & Failsafe Procedures

  • Terabyte Tape Backup Storage
  • Proprietary Real-Time Data Backup
  • Load-Balancing & Redundant Web Server
  • Database Server Redundancy
  • Redundant T-1 Connection to the Internet
  • Redundant Connection to Credit Bureaus
  • Battery Backup Power Source
  • Gas Generator Backup Power Source



The following documents are provided free of charge with each credit report:

  • Credit Score Explanation Letter
  • Borrower ( copy ) Credit Report
  • Borrower Explanation Letter
  • Derogatory Letter



  • List of Creditors Report
  • Adverse Summary Report
  • Mortgage Company Denial Letter
  • Tradeline Comparison Report