CISCO Credit now offers CREDIT ASSURE on all credit reports!!!  

When you order your credit report from CISCO Credit you will automatically receive a "Credit Assure" report showing you the potential score improvment available to your client if you run a credit analyzer report. This will inform you how much score potential your customer can achieve thus giving you the power to close more loans.

Credit assure product sample

Once the new credit report is ordered your Credit Assure results will be displayed below your clients scores. (seen above)

  • Noted in the red box are the Credit Assure results for each bureau. The Credit Assure
    scores are clickable. Clicking on the score will display the Credit Analyzer order screen with the parameters such as disposable cash to generate that score potential.
  • Noted in the green box is the mid score from the Credit Assure results. Clicking on the
    product link will bring up the order screen.