For more than 30 years CISCO has been on the for forefront of all new screening news and products.

New product: Trendscape from CreditXpert

TrendScape™ is a way for your customer to quickly understand the story of the applicant's credit including the new trended data. It also forecasts each applicants' score, example: "their mid-score is currently 672, but are likely to be in the 680-700 range within "x"...

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Trended Credit Data

March 30th, 2016 The New Standard in Mortgage Credit Reports CISCO Credit is currently testing trended credit data within its platform to meet Fannie Mae requirements and expects the availability of trended credit data reports beginning April 1st 2016. Fannie Mae is...

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VODA Reports

October 3rd, 2014 VODA Reports: Verification of a Borrower’s Deposits and Assets, Automating the Financial Verification Process for Loans by ACCOUNTCHEK This Service Integrates with our CISCO Credit System. Used by Mortgage Lenders and other providers of Consumer...

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Trigger List Marketing Tool

March 31st, 2014 CISCO offers the new Trigger List Marketing Tool! Create a fully customized marketing campaign with specified criteria such as age, existing accounts, income, zip code, and much more! Get real sales results with accurate information from your fully...

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