Below are some examples of customizable reports: Credit reports / Infiles, Flood reports and Creditxpert reports. If you have any trouble reading these files, click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.


How to Update Frozen/Locked Infile
Download pdf

Credit Infile – Standard Layout
Download pdf

Credit Infile – Alternative Layout
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Download pdf

Credit Assure

Download pdf

Credit Radar

What-If Simulator

Flood Report w/Life of Loan
Download pdf

Liens and Judgments Report
Download pdf

Business Reports
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Tax Verifcation / TRV
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SSN Match Direct – SSA89
Download pdf

Undisclosed Debt Notification
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Verification of Employment / Income
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Verification of Deposit
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Sample Inquiry Free Report
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Other Infile Layouts


Score Models

  • Score/Risk Models – Standard
  • Score/Risk Models – w/ Average Score
  • Score/Risk Models – Sorted by Score
  • Score/Risk Models – With Factors and Reasons
  • Score/Risk Models – With Factors, but no reasons
  • Score/Risk Models – Without Factors

Layout Format Options – Multiple Options

  • Open, Closed, Derog: Current – order (Balance, Name)
  • Open, Closed, Derog: All – order (Balance, Name)
  • Derog, Current, Open, Closed – order (Balance, Name)
  • Balance, No Balance, Derog – Order Name
  • Custom formatting to fit your needs


  • Standard- Price & Social
  • Total Cost of Loan
  • W/O Price
  • W/O Social

Fraud Check on Social Security Options

  • Hawk Alert through Transunion
  • Safescan through Equifax

Additional Add-ons- Free of Charge

  • Address Variation
  • Alias Variation
  • Creditors
  • Consumer copies of credit reports available for borrowers in 3 different languages- English, Spanish, and Chinese.
  • Employer Variation
  • Error Codes
  • Inquiry
  • Public Records
  • SSN Variation
  • Variations/Source of Information

Billing Options


Experienced Accounting Staff

  • Full time accountant to answer any accounting concern. Ext 29

Client Payment Setup Options

  • Regular account net 30.
  • Pay online by credit card: borrower or corporate credit card.
  • Deposit account: Prepay for credit reports with our accounting department.
  • Credit card on file with accounting department billed on 1st of each month for invoice total.
  • Corporate checks, Borrower checks, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover accepted.

Various Invoice Formats

  • Separate invoice for each user (Lo / Processor) on company account.
  • Separate account setup for each loan officer.
  • All company usage on one invoice. Sub totals for each user included.

Options In Receiving Your Monthly Itemized Invoices

  • Receive current and all past invoices online.
  • Receive invoices by regular mail, mailed the 1st of each month
  • Receive via fax.
  • Receive invoices by email.

We Provide Error-Free Invoices

  • State of the art software and consistent internal audits.